Review – Clingons

If you’ve ever unpacked your tent and found guy-lines ripped off, eyelets missing, or simply need a couple of extra lines for stability then you’ll know how frustrating it can be!  Cligons have the answer – they are a lightweight, durable, and tough instant eyelet solution.?



What are clingons?

Simple & easy to fit, these hardwearing, reusable clips instantly create a strong securing point or eyelet on any type of tarpaulin, canvas & synthetic material wherever you want in seconds – no tools required, no damage to the material.

  • Simple, fast and effective
  • The heavier the load the tighter the grip
  • Can be used over and over again
  • Can easily be repositioned in seconds
  • Made from reinforced nylon – lightweight, compact, strong and durable
  • Grips any hemmed or non-hemmed fabric up to 5mm thick firmly and instantly
  • Tested to support over 100kg
  • Quick release mechanism
Suggested Applications

  • Quickly rig a canopy from any tarpaulin, or add extra guy lines
  • Replace broken or torn eyelets
  • Secure matting and ground sheets
  • Add extra guy points
  • Custom tarp configurations
  • Reinforce shelters in strong winds
  • Emergency shelters
What did I think?

When I first opened the packet, I was a little bewildered how these small plastic clips were going to hold a decent tension.  I was very wrong.  I tested the Clingons (large version as pictured) on a piece of spare tarp fabric (polyester) doubled over, with a 3metre length of 550 paracord as my test line.
These little beauties grip so well that I ended up ripping my first piece of fabric as I was putting all my weight on the test line – that’s right, the Clingon didn’t slip off, it was held so tightly that the material gave way!
I tested the large version which is rated up to 100kg.  The small version, rated at 45kg should do a fantastic job for those summer outings where strong winds are not really an issue.

The large ones are held together by themselves, but the small version is in two separate pieces ( not too good if you’re disorganised! )

Large Clingon – 70mm x 40mm x 18.5mm
Small Clingon – 40mm x 35mm x 10mm

The Clingons are available direct from


Superb piece of equipment that should be kept in any camper’s repair kit.  I keep a couple in my kit with a guy line pre-attached just in case!
Lightweight, hard wearing, and very economical.
5 Stars all round.


~ by Oakhill Wanderer on March 23, 2011.

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